Sound design and final mix for experimental film “Jesus and the Giant”

Warrick Sony worked with director Akin Omotoso, to complete the sound design and final mix for Akin’s experimental film “Jesus and the Giant”. The film, written by Aryan Kaganoff, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2008 – see – and is shot entirely (save for the last shot of the film) on a digital stills camera.

“…what was most striking to me was the soundscape and the freedom of movement that shooting on a stills camera afforded. Great job man! “ Khalid Shamis WSOA Film & TV

“The sound technician and aural architect, Warrick Sony, has thus discovered …an extremely unusual vocal dynamic in presenting the sound – breathing life into the animation…is at once disassociated, and distanced below normal audible levels, at times muffled, understated…drawing the viewer INTO the drama…yet matching the visuals in tone and crispness…magnifying its import and intensityits closeness….proximity….the collision of opposites…one feels the sound/breath/life more intently in the way in which it has been enveloped by silence….BREATH forming through silence into shape…

Helgé Janssen’s – Kagablog

Jesus and the Giant


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