One of the many audio post-production services Milestone Studios provides is Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR). This is a process whereby actors replace lines that were recorded on set with those recorded in a soundproof studio. The reason for the replacement might be anything from a noisy film environment to a change of script or the need for a  different delivery.

People from the film company, like the Director or Line Producer, will normally attend the dubbing session either in person or via a link to a remote studio if they are in another part of the world. We use Source-Connect for the highest possible quality connection, which allows us to synchronise the film and the actor’s voice remotely. An actor who is in Cape Town for a film shoot might be called in to sync dialogue for a show that was recorded some months previously. The Director could be in a dubbing studio in Los Angeles and the Line Producer could be in New York, and everyone could hear each other and give input.

This sort of dialogue recording or voice-over recording is best done in a specialised audio studio like Milestone where professional equipment like lapel and rifle microphones, similar to the ones used on set, can be used to match the location sound. We are SAG-AFTRA approved for COVID compliance.